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William R. Corliss Set of 16 Anomaly Books (Sourcebook Project)

William R. Corliss Set of 16 Anomaly Books (Sourcebook Project)

William R. Corliss Set of 16 Anomaly Books (Sourcebook Project)   William R. Corliss Set of 16 Anomaly Books (Sourcebook Project)

Corliss Set of 16 Anomaly Books. These books are part of the Sourcebook Project's Catalog of Anomalies that provides an objective, unsensationalized compilation of anomalous phenomena, difficult to explain observations, and curiosities of nature in the fields of astronomy, geology, geophysics, biology, and archeology. These are the 16 books that we have remaining in stock. The Sun and Solar System Debris. This volume focuses on the plethora of small objects orbiting our Sun.

These clouds of asteroids, comets, meteors, and space dust, which are considered to be "minor objects, " pose major problems to astronomers regarding their origin and constitution. Topics include Solar-System Resonances Bodes Law Comet Activity Far from the Sun Unidentified Objects Crossing the Face of the Sun The Missing Solar Neutrinos Pendulum Phenomena during Solar Eclipses Observations of Planet X Meteorite-Distribution Anomalies Lunar and Martian Meteorites Long Fireball Processions Long-Duration Meteors and Zodiacal-Light Changes.

This book is of one of the six original anomaly handbooks published by The Sourcebook Project. The primary objective of MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE is to present a wide selection of reliable descriptions of unusual astronomical phenomena.

To meet this goal, Mr. Corliss analyzed hundreds of volumes of astronomical journals as well as the complete files of NATURE and SCIENCE. The result of this research is an incomparable collection of information on the frontiers of astronomy.

Some of the topics covered include The Lost Satellite of Venus Transient Lunar Phenomena Ephemeral Earth Satellites Venus Radial Spoke System Relativity Contradicted Cosmological Paradoxes Changes in Lights Velocity Vulcan; the IntraMercurial Planet Knots on Saturns Rings Bright Objects Near the Sun The Suns Problematic Companion Star Sedimentary Meteorites Life Chemistry in Outer Space and Planet Positions and Sunspots. The focus of this volume is the Earths interior, which is revealed to us mainly through seismic signals, magnetic vibrations, and the flow of heat from great depths. Hundreds of kilometers below the surface lurk huge chunks of foundered continental crust and bizarre structures of unknown origin. Some of the topics covered include Anomalous Gravity Signals Mid-Plate Volcanism Mysterious Seismic Reflectors Seismic-Velocity Discontinuities Deep-Focus Earthquakes Incompleteness of the Stratigraphic Record Cyclotherms and Rhythmites Exotic Terranes Compass Anomalies Earth-Current Anomalies Problems with Paleomagnetism and Polarity Reversals. Carolina Bays, Mima Mounds, Submarine Canyons. The focus of this volume is topographic phenomena. The ups and downs of the Earths surface exhibit many anomalies. Could continental drift be inferior to the expanding-earth hypothesis?

Have ocean levels fluctuated wildly over the eons? Some of the topics covered include Carolina Bays and Oriented Lakes Large Circular Structures Immense Craters Raised Beaches Guyots (Flat-Topped Seamounts) Island Arcs Doubts about Plate Tectonics (Continental Drift) Mima Mounds Drumlin Anomalies Patterned Ground Esker Problems Lake Walls and Ramparts Crevicular Structure and Submarine Canyons.

The focus of this volume is neglected but not insignificant geological anomalies. For example, do we really know how concretions and geodes form, and whence the immense deposits of superficial debris found all over the globe? Some of the topics covered include Tektites and microtektites Erratic Boulders and Gravels Polystrate Fossils Bone Caves and Bone Beds Giant Basalt Flows Natural Glasses Surging Glaciers Driftless Regions Stretched Pebbles Inclusions in Crystals Rarity of Fossil Meteorites and Tektites Elevated Erratics Stone Rivers and Rock Glaciers. Anomalies in Geology Physical, Chemical, Biological.

In this volume journey into ice caves, exhume Siberian mammoths, and see animals perish in gas-filled valleys. Some of the topics covered include Questions on the Origins of Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas Biological-Extinction Events Musical Sands and Ringing Rocks Ice Caves and Frozen Wells Natural Fission Reactors Marine Organisms and Fossils Found Far Inland Siberias Frozen Mammoths Radiometric-Dating Problems Anchor Ice and Frazil Ice Violent Lake Turnovers Flexible Rocks Origin of the Oceans Skipping in the Fossil Record and Valleys of Death.

Remarkable Luminous Phenomena in Nature Hardcover, 425 pp. This volume is an expansion of the earlier catalog titled Lightning, Auroras, Nocturnal Lights published in 1982.

Dozens of geophysical phenomena are recognized including Horizon-to-Horizon Sky Flashes Episodes of Luminous Mists Mountain-Top Glows Earthquake Lights Double Ball Lightning and Ball Lightning with Tails Rocket Lighting Lightning from a Clear Sky Ghost Lights; Ignis Fatuus The Milky Sea Marine Light Wheels Luminous Phenomena in Tornados and Low-Level and Black Auroras. This volume focuses on infrastructure constructed by ancient humans such as roads, irrigation systems, mines, defensive walls, and rituals and ceremonies. This volume is devoted to presenting anomalies and curiosities in the world of the feathered creatures we call birds. Some of the topics covered include Asymmetrical Birds Feather and Bill Curiosities Wing Claws and Spurs Inherited Callosities Unrelated Birds that Look Alike Enigmas of Avian Instincts Bird Intelligence Aesthetic Senses of Birds Birds that Roost Upside-Down The Nature of Brood Parasitism Avian Battles, Courts, and Funerals Unsolved Mysteries of Migration Poisonous Birds The Avian Respiratory System The Two-Voice Phenomenon and Echolocation in Birds. This is the first of three volumes devoted to human biological anomalies, looking at the external attributes of humans: their physical appearance, their anomalous behavior, and their unusual talents and faculties. Some of the topics covered include Mirror-Image Twins The Sacral Spot The Supposed Human Aura Baldness among Musicians Human Tails and Horns Human Behavior and Solar Activity Cycles of Religiousness Cycles of Violent Human Behavior Handedness and Longevity Wolf-Children The Mars Effect Telescopic Vision Dermo-Optical Perception Hearing under Anesthesia The Human Navigation Sense Asymmetry in Locomotion and Sex-Ratio Variations. This is the second of three volumes devoted to human biological anomalies, and focuses on the internal machinery of the body: its major organs, its support structure (the skeleton), and its vital subsystems the central nervous system and the immune system. Some of the topics covered include Enigma of the Fetal Graft Phantom Limbs Blood Chimeras Anomalous Human Combustion Bone Shedders Perfection of the Eye Dearth of Memory Traces Sudden Increase of Hominid Brain Size Health and the Weather Periodicity of Epidemics Extreme Longevity AIDS Anomalies Cancer Anomalies Human-Limb Regeneration Nostril Cycling Voluntary Suspended Animation and Male Menstruation. This is the third of three volumes devoted to human biological anomalies, and focuses on four areas: (1) the human fossil record; (2) biochemistry and genetics; (3) possible unrecognized living hominids; and (4) human interfaces with other species.

Some of the topics covered include Neanderthal Demise Giant Skeletons Tiny Skeletons Hominid Gracilization Sudden Brain Expansion Human Chimeras Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Alma, Yeti, and others Human-Animal Communication Humanity and Gaia and Anomalous Distribution of Human Lice. This is the first of two volumes devoted to mammals other than humans, and focuses on external attributes: (1) physical appearance; (2) behavior; and (3) talents and faculties.

Some of the topics covered include Mammal-Marsupial Parallelisms Zebra-Strip Reversals Marching Teeth Lunar Effect on Activity Mammalian Art and Music Rat and Squirrel Kings Cetacean Mass Strandings Mummified Antarctic Seals Navigation and Homing Soaring and Parachuting Mammalian Engineering Works Deep-Diving Capabilities Unusual Vocalizations and Intelligence Overshoot. This is the second of two volumes devoted to mammals other than humans, and focuses on the fossil record, cryptozoology, genetics, organs, bodily functions, and interactions between mammals and other life forms.

Some of the specific topics covered include Biochemical Curiosities Recent Survivals of the Mammoth, Ground Sloth, and Thylacine Out-of-Place Mammals Dearth of Transitional Deposits Diving-Mammal Adaptations Male Lactation Sleeplessness in Mammals Inheritance of Rotation Effects Magnetite in Mammals Microbat Data Processing and The Onza, Nandi Bear, Stellers Sea Ape, and others. Science Frontiers II More Anomalies and Curiosities of Nature. Continues the edited collection of naturally occurring anomalies and curiosities introduced by the first volume of SCIENCE FRONTIERS. This second volume presents accounts that William R.

Corliss collected from scientific journals and publications published between 1994 and 2004. Corliss hoped to demonstrate that nature is amusing, beguiling, sometimes bizarre, and most important, liberating.

This collection is organized in seven main areas: (1) Archeology; (2) Astronomy; (3) Biology; (4) Geology; (5) Geophysics; (6) Psychology; and (7) Chemistry, Physics, Math and Esoterica. From the metal-frosted mountains of Venus, to Michigans Grand Traverse Stone, to classical nocturnal lights (the Hessdalen Phenomenon), the variety and richness of natural phenomena are to be seen on every page and so are the scientific puzzles they pose. Scientific Anomalies and other Provocative Phenomena.

Is a categorized and annotated compilation of approximately 6,000 entries that William R. Corliss winnowed from thousands of scientific publications and journals. The entries present naturally occurring anomalies and curiosities in the areas of astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics, geophysics, archeology, and psychology. These entries challenge some of todays prevailing scientific paradigms that are taken for granted, such as: (1) The Expanding Universe; (2) The Big Bang Origin of the Universe; (3) Neo-Darwinism; (4) That Genomes are the complete blueprint of life forms; (5) Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift; and (6) Special and General Relativity. Corliss Set of 16 Anomaly Books (Sourcebook Project)" is in sale since Thursday, June 11, 2020.

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William R. Corliss Set of 16 Anomaly Books (Sourcebook Project)   William R. Corliss Set of 16 Anomaly Books (Sourcebook Project)